When Ted put his clinic on at the Teeter Ranch I jumped at the opportunity. The clinic started with a short presentation explaining his program. We proceed with groundwork learning the exercises with the stick. Ted is a very patient person and explains his methods very well. The second day we were riding our horses using what we had learned the first day. If you are having a problem Ted would take the time that was needed to make sure you and your horse understood it. If you were uncomfortable about doing something Ted would help you through it until it was comfortable for you and the horse. Ted's children Beth and Terrence were there to help with anyone one that needed it. They were great! This is one of the best programs I have attended.

Thank You Ted.

Carrie Johnson
Boise, Idaho

 I loved my experience at Ted's fundamentals clinic last spring. I now have a calm, respectful horse! I am attending again this year as a review/tuneup for mainly myself.
Karen Vining
Grandview, Washington

Awesome clinic! Three days was just right. I gained a lot of confidence (with new skills) in my young horse and myself. By the end we were calmly galloping the arena in any direction the horse chose - 'cruising' - no direction from the rider - having fun. We got there step by step, progressively improving communication and respect - it was really an impressive job of teaching by Ted Nicholes. I HIGHLY recommend his clinic for anybody wanting to work through issues or problems that they have with their horse, or simply wanting to gain a higher level of communication.
Steph Teeter

Oreana, Idaho

Best money ever spent!
Karen Bumgarner

Parma, Idaho

Ted gave me the confidence I needed to ride my young horse. He helped me teach her the necessary basics, giving to the bit, one rein stop and building me as a leader. I was able to take what I learned from Ted's clinic and start taking her out on the trails with confidence.
Trish Frahm

Parma, Idaho

I also highly recommend Ted Nicholes clinics for anyone who’s experiencing frustrations, & troublesome behaviors in their horses, as well as those who want to build their confidence in handling their horse. No matter your level of experience, you will come away learning something. Well worth your time.

Barbara Clow Jamison

Caldwell, Idaho