Once you click "Submit" at the bottom of the form, you will be redirected to PayPal to pay your deposit.

The deposit for Fundamentals is $100. (This goes towards the total.) For the In-Hand pay the total of $50.

Your spot is NOT held until your deposit is paid.

Once you have registered, expect an email within 1-2 business days to confirm it has been received.

If you did not receive a confirmation email within three business days please contact us.

You can also register by mail! 1) Print the appropriate packet, fill it out, and 2) mail to us with a check or money order for deposit.

Thank you for registering!

Please email Leni@fabhorsemanship.com with any questions.

If your horse has known dangerous behaviors please call Ted to discuss before the clinic. His number is 541-212-3330.

Our facility is located at:

2765 SW 3rd Avenue

Fruitland, Idaho 83619