Foundations And Beyond Horsemanship

Meet Our Lesson Horses!.

Clay is Beth’s personal mare, but she is often borrowed by little sisters! Clay is an excellent lesson horse. She is very calm and forgiving of rider mistakes and is great for showing students that they can handle and even lope on a bigger (14.1) horse. Clay lopes so slowly that Ardreth (featured below) can trot and keep up!


Ardreth is a great pony for this lesson program. Being only 12 hands, he inspires confidence in small riders. All little girls instantly adore him. Beth calls it “the magical fairy dust factor.” He too, has experience with little sisters!


MJ is another valuable addition to the program. Ted has worked extensively with this little mare (13.3) and she is super responsive. She requires her rider to have correct posture or position, or they will be cueing her. She is used for older students to help them improve position, and her lightness is inspiring for the students. She demonstrates what a truly advanced, trained horse can be.


Snip has been with our family for 20 years. Despite her age and tendency to be chubby, don’t be fooled. This is one tough pony! Snip is one of those ponies who have acquired ‘too much’ experience. This means she knows who is and who is not an experienced handler. Fortunately she is also very clever and is well aware of when she is being supervised by experienced horsemen. This means she will behave perfectly for our students (as long as Beth is there!).


Photos coming soon!