Foundations And Beyond Horsemanship

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Fall Public Clinics

Parma, Idaho 


September 8, 9, and 10

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About  FAB and Ted Nicholes

As a husband and father I went looking for a better and especially a safer way to train and interact with horses when my children started becoming involved with horses. Like many people, I have always worked with and enjoyed horses but there was nothing particularly scientific about my training methods. Most of my horse experience was accumulated on the cattle ranches of eastern Oregon. I was fortunate enough, by fair instincts, to do okay at training horses but    

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Services Offered


Our favorite; because we can help the greatest number of people and horses by teaching them in a clinic group. 


They are essentially like a clinic but with a smaller group of students and can be more tailored to individual participants.


Ted takes in very limited numbers of outside horses for training.